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SDK Establishes Management Company in Shanghai

Showa Denko K.K.
 October 17, 2011

Showa Denko K.K. (SDK) has established a management company in Shanghai, China.  The management company, Showa Denko (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., will serve as SDK’s regional headquarters in accordance with Shanghai Municipality’s rules introduced in 2002 for foreign multinational corporations.

With the help of the new management company, SDK’s subsidiaries in China will be able to increase the level of management and strengthen governance.  Furthermore, the Showa Denko Group will be able to work out an effective marketing strategy for new businesses, thereby strengthening its presence in the growing Chinese market.

1. Outline of the management company

Company name: Showa Denko (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Location: Shanghai, China
  Chairman: Shunji Fukuda, Director, SDK
   President: Atsushi Mizutani, Corporate Officer, SDK (General Representative in China, General Manager of China Office)
Capital: US$2.3 million
Establishment: September 14, 2011
Ownership: Owned 100% by SDK
Scope of business: Provide assistance to and exercise control over the Showa Denko Group companies in China with regard to such functions as personnel management, legal, finance/accounting, information systems, etc.
Number of employees: 18


2. SDK’s major subsidiaries in China
Scope of business
Shanghai Showa Chemicals Co., Ltd. 
Sale of chemicals
Shanghai Showa Highpolymer Co., Ltd.
Production/sale of plastics
Shanghai Showa Highpolymer Trading Co., Ltd.
Sale of plastics
Shanghai Showa Specialty Gases Purification Co., Ltd.
Production/sale of equipment for treating used semiconductor-processing gases
Shodex China Co., Ltd.
Sale of liquid chromatography columns
Showa Tansan Co., Ltd. Shanghai Representative Office
Survey of the carbon-dioxide-related market
Zhejiang Quzhou Juhua Showa Electronic Chemical Materials Co., Ltd.
Production/sale of electronic gases and chemicals
Lianyungang Zaoling Abrasives Co., Ltd.
Production/sale of ceramic abrasives
Showa Denko (Dalian) Co., Ltd.
Production/sale of aluminum cylinders for printers
Ganzhou Zhaori Rare Earth New Materials Co., Ltd.
Production/sale of neodymium-based magnetic alloys
Baotou Showa Rare Earth Hi-tech New Material Co., Ltd.
Production/sale of neodymium-based magnetic alloys
Shoko Shanghai Co., Ltd.
Export/import of chemicals, plastics, etc.

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