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New Year Message from CEO

January 4, 2012

Let’s Take a Firm Step Forward to Realize "Evolution into a Company That Creates Added Value”

In retrospect, we experienced many natural disasters last year inside and outside Japan, including the Great East Japan Earthquake and serious floods in Thailand.  At the same time, however, we confirmed the power of Japanese companies and the virtues of Japanese people, such as cooperation, patience, and diligence.  The Showa Denko Group started its medium-term consolidated business plan PEGASUS last year.  We faced many challenges throughout the year, but we took various steps to strengthen our operations and achieved certain results.

We are still facing various difficult problems, including the continued appreciation of the yen, debt crisis in Europe, and the rising prices of natural resources.  Our business environment will remain severe in 2012.  Furthermore, it is certain that big changes will occur in the world this year in politics, economy, and in other areas.

Under the circumstances, we have set our goal of promoting “Evolution into a Company That Creates Added Value.”  To establish a strong presence in the global market, we need to provide unique added value to society.  We also need to solidify our business foundation so that we can quickly respond to changes in the international situation, solve any “unexpected” problems, and minimize risks.  Let’s continue to provide innovative “individualized” products and technologies by taking swift and daring action.

Let’s “Shape Ideas” and strengthen our presence in the global market!

The environmental issues, such as security of energy supply and reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, need to be addressed on a global scale.  We can contribute toward sustainable development by helping resolve these issues through our “individualized” products and technologies.  While the Japanese market is increasingly matured, we have great opportunities for growth in overseas markets, centering on rapidly growing emerging economies.  When we take such a positive approach to social changes, we will be able to achieve excellent results as we have human resources with a wide variety of personalities working globally.  I ask everyone in the Showa Denko Group to work with enthusiasm and in unity, “Shaping Ideas” and making 2012 a very fruitful year.

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