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SDK Group Recycles Six Million Aluminum Cans in FY2011

 May 22, 2012

Showa Denko K.K. (SDK) and its Group companies continued to perform their aluminum can recycling activities in fiscal 2011 (April 2011 – March 2012), collecting approximately 6 million cans: equivalent to around 97 tons of aluminum when converted at the rate of 16.2 grams of aluminum per can.

Showa Aluminum Can Corporation, a consolidated subsidiary of SDK, started aluminum can recycling activities in 1972.  The activities spread across the Showa Denko Group in 2001, continuing until today.  The collected aluminum cans are used by Showa Aluminum Can Corporation to produce aluminum beverage cans.  The Group donates money resulting from the recycling activities to regional welfare organizations, charities, and volunteer groups that aid people with special needs.  Thus, the activities have taken firm root as part of the Group’s efforts to contribute toward the good of society.

When aluminum ingot is produced from recycled aluminum cans, the process requires only 3% of electricity necessary for the production of ingot from ores by a refining/smelting process.  Thus, the Group is promoting the recycling of aluminum cans for the purpose of conserving resources and energy as well.  As of the end of last year, 8,123 employees, or 92.3% of all Group employees in Japan, participated in the activities.    

The Showa Denko Group is addressing environmental issues as important matters for management.  In addition to the recycling of aluminum cans, we use waste plastic as feedstock at our Kawasaki Plant, gasifying it for use as synthesis gas for ammonia production.  We will continue various operations to contribute toward a recycling-based society.


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Poster for the recycling of aluminum cans in 2012