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Outline of CEO Message at Initiation Ceremony

Showa Denko K.K.
April 1,2014

Showa Denko (SDK) (TOKYO:4004) today held a ceremony for newly-hired employees. At the ceremony, Hideo Ichikawa, President and CEO, gave a message as summarized below:

Undergoing drastic changes in the business environment

The Japanese chemical industry has a pressing need to carry out drastic structural reforms. As the domestic market matures and the international competition intensifies, the business environment is changing at an accelerated pace. This structural change is irreversible, and we will not return to the business environment we experienced before. We should recognize the fact that we will be able to survive only when we change our business models on our own initiative. You are joining this company in this challenging age, and I do count on your potential for carrying out changes.


I would give you the following three pieces of advice:

  • 1.Don’t be afraid of making mistakes.
  • If you want to learn things, it is the best way for you to gain experience at first hand. Experience is the best teacher. Be bold enough to continue taking on challenges.
  • 2.Always think and value curiosity.
  • When you work every day, make it a rule to think by yourself, investigate, and learn. Try to communicate globally with many people with different ideas and opinions, overcoming the barriers of language, past experience, or age.
  • 3.Never give up.
  • Mr. Nobuteru Mori, the founder of our Group, lived by his motto of “perseverance.” Once you establish your plan, make sure to carry it out.

Our Group slogan of “Shaping Ideas” means that we should aim to realize the dreams of humankind through the power of chemical technology. With your enthusiasm, you will become a driving force in building a better future. As a member of the Showa Denko Group, start working today toward realizi

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