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SDK Launches Antimicrobial Heat Insulation Panels for Plant Factories

Showa Denko K.K.
November 12, 2014

Showa Denko (SDK) (Tokyo: 4004) has developed heat insulation panels coated with LUMI-RESHTM, a photocatalyst with antibacterial and antiviral functions, for use in plant factories, and will put them on the market soon.

LUMI-RESHTM is a high-performance visible-light-sensitive photocatalyst developed at Toyama Plant (Toyama City, Toyama Prefecture) of Showa Denko Ceramics Co., Ltd. (Shiojiri City, Nagano Prefecture), which is a consolidated subsidiary of SDK. LUMI-RESHTM photochemically catalyzes water vapor and oxygen in the air, and generates active oxygen, which inactivates bacteria and viruses adhering to surfaces of substances containing the photocatalyst. While conventional photocatalysts are activated by ultraviolet rays included in sunlight, LUMI-RESHTM can be activated even by visible low-energy light emitted by indoor lighting apparatus including fluorescent lights and LEDs.

LUMI-RESHTM has already been field-tested in many public facilities including airports and hospitals. Moreover, some manufacturers have already decided that they will soon commercially apply LUMI-RESHTM to indoor-use membrane building materials and curtains. This time, Nippon Soda Co., Ltd. has successfully developed a paint containing LUMI-RESHTM. This paint makes LUMI-RESHTM applicable to the surfaces of metallic materials including heat insulation panels.

At completely airtight plant factories, the ceilings and the walls are covered with heat insulation panels in order to prevent invasions of bacteria and harmful insects. Application of LUMI-RESHTM to the surfaces of these heat insulation panels will further reduce bacteria and viruses in the air, and prolong the freshness of vegetables.

At the “Agro-Innovation Japan 2014,” which is a professional exhibition held at Tokyo Big Sight from November 12 through 14, SDK exhibits this antimicrobial heat insulation panel, as well as our proprietary high-speed plant growth technology “SHIGYOTM Method,” LED lighting equipment, and aluminum racks for plant cultivation, as components of the integrated plant factory systems SDK promotes. By further improving performances of these products, the Showa Denko Group will contribute to people’s healthy, safe and sound life.


Heat insulation panel coated with “LUMI-RESHTM”Heat insulation panel coated with “LUMI-RESHTM

A trademark of SDK Group’s high-performance photocatalyst “LUMI-RESHTM”A trademark of SDK Group’s high-performance photocatalyst “LUMI-RESHTM


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