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Acquisition of Vietnamese Aluminum Can Maker Completed

Showa Denko K.K.
Jun 3, 2014

Showa Denko (SDK) (TOKYO:4004) and its wholly owned subsidiary Showa Aluminum Can Corporation (SAC) have completed the procedures for acquiring controlling stakes in Rexam-Hanacans Joint Stock Company (Hanacans), of Vietnam.  Hanacans, a manufacturer of aluminum beverage cans, has become a member of the Showa Denko Group effective May 30.

This acquisition represents the first overseas investment of the Group in the field of aluminum can business.  (For the background of the investment, please refer to our earlier news release of January 8, 2014.)

Hanacans is the largest aluminum can producer in the northern region of Vietnam (based on the production capacity as of today).  The company has a solid customer base, serving a wide range of local beverage makers.  Furthermore, Hanacans will introduce SAC’s advanced production technology and quality control system, thereby strengthening its competitive power in the growing Vietnamese market.

[Outline of Hanacans]
Company name: Rexam-Hanacans Joint Stock Company (To be changed*)
                       * In July 2014, It was changed to "Hanacans Joint Stock Company".
Head office:   Bac Ninh Province, Vietnam (20 km from Hanoi)
Capital stock:  383,987 million Dong (Approx. 1,830 million )
Shareholders:    Showa Aluminum Can Corporation: 90%
                  Showa Denko K.K.: 1.75%
                Hanaka Group: 8.25%
Representative: Ken-ichi Taguchi (General Director)
Scope of business: Production and sale of aluminum cans for beer and other types of beverages
Number of employees: Around 170


For further information, contact:
PR Office (Phone: 81-3-5470-3235)