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New Year Message from CEO

January 4, 2016

Hideo Ichikawa
President and CEO
Showa Denko K.K.

Take environmental changes as opportunities, and reform our business

Hideo Ichikawa President and CEO Showa Denko K.K.Hideo Ichikawa
President and CEO
Showa Denko K.K.

The world economy of 2016 will expand gradually, notwithstanding unstable factors such as the trends in economies of emerging countries including China and crude oil prices. As for the Japanese economy, changes in industrial structure will accelerate, while there will be many opportunities including reforms in corporate taxation system and progress in negotiations for economic partnership agreements. During the period of PEGASUS which ended last year, the Showa Denko Group had implemented various management measures including positive expansion of overseas business operations and intensive allocation of management resources to core businesses. We need to learn from and act on the lessons of our business results until last year which were much affected by volatile supply-demand balance in global materials market and violent fluctuations in raw material prices. From now on, we must realize the desired results of those management measures we implemented during the period of PEGASUS, and change our business structure into more environmental-change-resistant one.

Improve individualized businesses toward 2020

This year, we start our new medium-term business plan “Project 2020+.” In this plan, the top-priority issue is the improvements of “individualized businesses” which can keep high levels of profitability and stability. We will aim to add new individualized businesses, and also aim to change existing businesses into individualized ones which have strength and stability.

In electronic-material-processing high-purity gases, aluminum can, and functional chemicals businesses, which we positioned as Growth-accelerating businesses, we will take measures to preempt growth of overseas markets including Asian and ASEAN markets, and attain expansion of businesses and profit. In the fields of lithium-ion-battery (LIB) materials and SiC epitaxial wafer for power devices, which we positioned as Advantage-establishing businesses, we will establish highly competitive business models as early as possible.

As for Base-shaping businesses including HD media, graphite electrodes, and petrochemicals businesses, the issue we should tackle is the strengthening of these businesses’ ability to resist changing market conditions in order to create stable profit and cash flows. Missions given to each business and measures to be taken are clear. Let us take these measures without rest or letting up, and realize the true image of the Showa Denko Group as soon as possible.

Every one of the Group should create “+” value

Safe and steady operation of plants and environmental preservation are at the basis of chemical company’s business activities. We should contribute to the creation of society where affluence and sustainability are harmonized, by enhancing the level of safety further to attain zero accident and zero disaster, and by positively contributing to environmental preservation.

Here I declare, toward 2020, every one of the Showa Denko Group shall add new value, and create new image of the Group together. Let’s shape new ideas toward a brighter future, by making the best use of technical and human resources of the Group.

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