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Showa Aluminum Can Starts to Produce Sleek Cans in Vietnam
-Hanacans Enters into The Market for Popular Beverage Cans with Special Designs-

Showa Denko K.K.
December 12, 2016

Showa Aluminum Can Corporation (SAC), a wholly owned consolidated subsidiary of Showa Denko (SDK) (Tokyo: 4004) headquartered in Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo, will start to produce sleek cans for beverages in Vietnam from this December.

Sleek cans have smaller diameters and taller heights than those of regular cans. Sleek cans are adopted by beverage makers all over the world due to their appealing designs. In Southeast Asia, some foreign affiliated beverage companies in Thailand and Vietnam have started to substitute sleek cans for regular cans, to use them mainly as containers for carbonated beverages.

In May 2014, SDK and SAC completed the procedures for jointly acquiring 91.75% of shares in Hanacans Joint Stock Company (Hanacans), a manufacturer of aluminum beverage cans in Vietnam, and made that company a subsidiary of SAC. Since then, by introducing SAC’s advanced manufacturing technology and latest quality management system into Hanacans and expanding capacity of Hanacans’ can end production lines, SAC has successfully increased Hanacans’ sales of cans for beer in Vietnamese market where demand for canned beer continues increasing. This time, in order to further expand Hanacans’ business, SAC judged it is necessary for Hanacans to cultivate new clients who mainly produce soft drinks. Thus, SAC has made Hanacans establish new production system that can interchange production of regular cans with that of sleek cans.

Aluminum can market of Vietnam has been expanding about 10% every year, as a result of population growth and the rise in the standard of living. The Showa Denko Group aims to continuously expand its aluminum beverage can business in Vietnam through stable and speedy supply of products that meet needs of the market.

Comparison between regular can and sleek can to contain 330ml of beverage
  Diameter Height
Regular can 211 (66mm) 115mm
Sleek can 204 (58mm) 145mm

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