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New Year Message from Kohei Morikawa, President and CEO

January 4, 2021

Kohei Morikawa
President and CEO

I would like to express my heartfelt sympathy to everyone who contracted COVID-19 and the people who are in difficulties due to the spread of the disease. COVID-19 is having severe effect on the civic life and corporate activities, and the lives and working conditions of the people has been significantly changed due to the disease. On the other hand, production of hygienic commodities such as masks and antiseptic solutions and electronic devices including PCs and tablets, for which peoples demand increased due to the spread of teleworking, requires the chemical industry, and 2020 was the year in which people rediscovered that such chemical products are indispensable for their everyday life.

Change society through the power of chemistry

In April 2020, Showa Denko received Showa Denko Materials Co., Ltd. (former Hitachi Chemical Company Ltd.) into the Showa Denko Group, and, since then, the two companies have been discussing the way to establish the basis of growth toward the future. In December 2020, the two companies announced “Long-term Vision for Newly Integrated Company,” and defined the meaning of the existence of the newly integrated company (i.e., purpose) as “Change society through the power of chemistry.” The newly integrated company will create functions required of the times as an advanced material partner, and it will aim to become “a company that has the ability to do battle in the global market” and “a company that contributes to a sustainable global society” as a global top-level functional chemical manufacturer.

Transform changes into evolution and convert diversity into strength

2021 is the final year of our medium-term business plan “The TOP 2021,” which the Showa Denko Group launched with a view to make the Group a global top-level chemical company. 2021 is also a year of drastic changes including the substantive integration of Showa Denko and Showa Denko Materials in July, head office integration in October, and announcement of new medium-term business plan in December. Through acquisition of the new member, Showa Denko Materials, the Showa Denko Group have reached a stage from which we can aim to reach higher level. Let’s transform changes into evolution, approve difference each other and convert diversity into strength, and accomplish our medium-term business plan “The TOP 2021” by showing our potential power.

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