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Outline of CEO Message to Newly-hired Employees

Showa Denko K.K.
April 1, 2021

oday, Kohei Morikawa, President and CEO of Showa Denko K.K. (SDK) (Tokyo: 4004) sent a message to the company’s newly-hired employees as summarized below:

Change society through the power of chemistry

Kohe MorikawaKohei Morikawa
President and CEO

The Showa Denko Group has welcomed former Hitachi Chemical Company, Ltd. (current Showa Denko Materials Co., Ltd.) as a new member, and taken a new step forward. This is a great change once in a century. In the “Long-term Vision for Newly Integrated Company,” which we announced in December 2020, we defined our purpose (the meaning of our existence) as “Change society through the power of chemistry.” To realize this, the Showa Denko Group aims to evolve into “a company that can win the global competition” and “a company that contributes to a sustainable global society,” namely, an advanced material partner that creates functions required by the times and contributes to sustainable development of the global society. 2021 is an important year in which everybody in the Showa Denko Group embarks on the road to the truly highest level.

Transform changes into evolution

All of you take the first step as a new member of the Showa Denko Group today. Let me tell you three actions I hope you to take as a new member of the Showa Denko Group.

  1. 1.Think
    So as to make yourself and the company grow, you must always think not only “What can we do now?” but also “What does society need?” “How should we be in the future to fulfill social needs?” and “What are insufficient for us to fulfill social needs?” This is a viewpoint called back-casting. You must always be conscious of back-casting. There are multiple right answers. That is the difference from schoolwork which has a single answer. Moreover, right answers change with the times. Therefore, you must have a wide field of vison, continue to get the latest information, and do your best to keep good reception.
  2. 2.You must put your targets into your own words and achieve them. Putting your targets into words will make you responsible and self-conscious. Please steel yourself to accomplish your job with a sense of responsibility and self-consciousness, even though it is hard. This is the “grit” which is engraved on Showa Denko’s DNA.
  3. 3.3. Enjoy experiencing great changes
    Please share a high and serious aim to be the top chemical company in the world, which we promised to achieve in the Long-term Vision. We now have the ticket to accomplish our high aim. I believe each of you have the power to transform changes into evolution

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