Based on its inorganic, aluminum and organic chemical technologies,
the Showa Denko Group provides individualized products in many areas,
including energy/environment and electronics.

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We provide products such as basic petrochemicals, organic chemicals, industrial gases, industrial chemicals, and elastomer products.

We provide products such as unsaturated polyester resin, vinyl ester resin and their molding materials, as well as adhesives, resins for electronic materials, and biodegradable plastic.

We provide products such as hard disks, compound semiconductor materials, rare earth magnetic alloys, high-purity gases and chemicals for the semiconductor industry, lithium-ion battery materials, and fuel cell components.

We provide artificial graphite powder and graphite electrodes for electric steel making furnaces.

We provide products such as aluminum materials for extrusion molded products and forged products, as well as heat exchangers.

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