Vinyl ester resin

Making great strides for a better tomorrow

Vinyl ester resins excel in terms of strength and corrosion resistance.

Ripoxy® (vinyl ester resin) is a modified epoxy resin. Ripoxy has characteristics of epoxy resins, such as high strength, toughness and alkali-resistance; but it cures faster, has better curing properties at low-temperatures and lower viscosity than epoxy resins.
This translates to superior workability and resistance to a wider range of chemicals (resistance to acids and solvents). It has good shock absorption and adhesive properties, as well as good photocuring properties and resistance to water.
Ripoxy is used as a corrosion-resistant material, an electronics material, and in the chemical and civil engineering fields.

  • Ripoxy®(comosion0resistant,high strength,adhesive,photocuring)
  • Ripoxy®flake compound,gel coat,putty

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Corrosion resistant -Proven performance and reliability.-

30 years of excellent results in applications including the smoke exhaust duucts and chemical tanks of chemical plants.


Corrosion resistant tank yard/ corrosion resistant piping

Chemical Civil Engineering -Fields with a growing list of new applications.-

From FRP waterproofing and quakeproofing to water and sewerage systems,
Showa Highpolymer is making great strides in a wade array of fields.

Factory floor lining

FRP waterproofing for rooftop heliports

High Strength Materials -Lightweight,corrosion resistant matrices.-

Used in fields as disparate as telecommunications,railroad cars,
civil engineering and construction.

Tension members
(core material of optical fiber cables)

Motorcycle helmets

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