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These water soluble adhesives are synthetic resin emulsions consisting mainly of vinyl acetate and ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer. They are used in diverse applications for bonding paper to paper (cardboard tubes, slip sheets, bag manufacturing), metal foil, plastic film to paper, wood to wood and other materials. Our lineup includes eco-friendly products such as plasticizer-free and formaldehyde-free water soluble adhesives.

Pressure-sensitive adhesives(PSA)

Showa Denko produces eco-friendly emulsion-based adhesives and solvent-based adhesives, which offer superior workability. Our lineup includes strong adhesives, which provide high adhesiveness at high and low temperatures and to curved surfaces, restickable adhesives, and others that adhere well to polyolefins. Our products meet all kinds of user needs.

Adhesive for Woodworking and Lamination

Our extensive PolysolTM lineup includes a vinyl acetate emulsion that provides strong mechanical adhesion to woods and paper materials, and an ethylene-vinyl acetate emulsion-based adhesive with excellent moisture resistance and weatherability. These products provide the workability required for diverse types of laminating machines for printed plywood and PVC-laminated plywood.
We also manufacture adhesives for tile and floor joists, and resins for non-PVC foam wallpaper, developed as an alternative to PVC wallpaper, which has become a focus of concern in recent years due to its associated health risks.


As the restrictions on solvents used in paints have become more stringent, manufacturers are shifting rapidly to solvent-free and water-based paints for construction applications. And with brisk demand in the renovation sector, there is growing demand for paints for repair work and repainting.
Showa Denko's development efforts are focused on high gloss, quick dry, weather resistant, and antifouling paints, and paints that require no sealant. Our lineup also features water-based products that serve as an attractive alternative to conventional solvent-based paints.


Our resin emulsions for civil engineering applications include acrylic ester, styrene-acrylic ester, silicone-acrylic ester hybrid, ethylene-vinyl acetate, and ethylene-vinyl acetate-acrylic ester multi-copolymers. These products are designed for mortar repair work, polymer cement waterproofing agents and an array of other applications. Other possible uses include vegetation applications, soil modification, and concrete protection.


Our resin emulsions for textiles include acrylic ester, styrene-acrylic, ethylene-vinyl acetate and vinyl acetate types. Used in the manufacture of flocked, nonwoven and resin-treated fabrics, these emulsions make it possible to produce finished textiles with various desirable characteristics.
Our Polysol KG products are acrylic heat sensitive gel emulsions that solidify with the application of heat. We also produce easy-to-use low viscosity emulsions for use as laundry starch, and products that enable manufacture of processed cloth with a stiff texture.


Paper processing resins are available in many forms, as emulsions or water soluble resins. They are used for varied applications and can be applied as wet-end additives, as an impregnant, or as a coating.
Among the impregnants, some are designed to resist "gum-up", while others feature ultra high-molecular-weight polymers. Our coating emulsions feature polymers with various desirable features.

EVA emulsions

Our EVA emulsions are synthetic resin emulsions composed primarily of vinyl acetate, copolymerized with ethylene using a special method.
They have the superior adhesiveness and workability of vinyl acetate, plus water resistance, alkali resistance, flexibility, and affinity with various plastics typical of polyethylene. Moreover, these emulsions have good miscibility with solvents and plasticizers.

Solvent based Resin

VinylolTM(solvent-based resins)

The Vinylol series of solvent-based resins consist mainly of vinyl acetate resin, rubber resins and acrylic resins. They have varied performance features (good mechanical adhesion, workability, shielding properties, substrate reinforcement properties, etc.), and are used for bonding, coating, ceramic siding and other applications.

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Composite Materials Group, Functional Polymers Department, Functional Chemicals Division
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