hydrogen bromide

High-Purity Hydrogen Bromide (Hydrogen Bromide)

Properties and Classification

Appearance: Colorless gas Odor: Irritating
CAS Number: 10035-10-6 UN Number: 1048
Liquefied gas Toxic

* Refer to MSDS for detailed information on the properties and safety of the product.


Purity wt% Min. 99.999
H2+O2 wtppm Max. 2.0
Water wtppm Max. 2.0
CF4 wtppm Max. 1.0
CO wtppm Max. 1.0
CO2 wtppm Max. 2.0
Total heavy metals wtppm Max. 1.0


Item10L cylinder47L cylinder
SizeInside diameter 140mm 232mm
Height (to the neck portion) 850mm 1370mm
Height (with a protective cap) * 1000mm 1520mm
Valve nozzle height (center) * 885mm 1400mm
Loading weight 5kg, 10kg 50kg
Material Manganese steel (Clean-S-treated)

* Estimated values for when a standard valve is mounted on a standard cylinder. The accuracy of these values is not guaranteed.


Nozzle size Ø22 mm X 14 left-hand threads
Material SUS304 (Clean-S-treated)

Physical & Chemical Properties

Chemical formula   HBr
Molecular weight   80.91
Boiling point °C -66.72
°F -89
Melting point °C -86.9
Liquid density (-66.7°C) kg/L 2.16
Gas density g/L 3.33
Specific gravity (air: 1)   2.8 (101.3kPa)
Critical temperature °C 89.8
Critical pressure MPa 8.51
kg/cm2 86.8
Flammability   Not applicable
Not applicable   Toxic
Latent heat of vaporization (0°C, 1013MPa) kJ/kg 215.5
Maximum permissible concentration (ACGIH, TLV-upper limit) ppm 3
Explosive limit (in air, 35°C, 101.3 kPa)   -

Temperature - Vapor Pressure Curve