Message from CTO

Our R&D strategy in the new medium-term business plan The TOP 2021 is to continue taking measures to make existing businesses Koseiha Businesses (individualized businesses), and give priority to establishment of pipelines to create new businesses.

In order to promote individualization of existing businesses, we have reorganized Institute for Integrated Product Development, which had been established in 2016, and will accelerate and expand “deepening” and “fusion” of technologies, and share them in the whole company. Besides, by making Institute for Integrated Product Development function as an organization to pool technical engineers of the whole company, we will promote creation of innovative technologies and human resource development through fusion of diverse engineers and technologies. In this way, we will strengthen our system to make the best use of human resources in terms of quality and quantity. We will also promote open innovation and M&As in order to introduce necessary technologies from outside entities.

To accelerate creation of new businesses through our value-adding pipelines, we will strengthen our marketing function in order to grasp market and technology trends and identify targets for R&D, and invest our R&D resources intensively in 10 notable technical fields, which includes “Multi-material / Adhesion of different materials” and “Process to produce next-generation semiconductors.” The 10 notable technical fields correspond to 7 business domains, namely, transportation, energy, lifestyle, electronics, construction/infrastructure, industrial equipment, and life science & healthcare.

To execute these measures, we will increase R&D personnel by about 10% and R&D investment by about 30% during the period of “The TOP 2021.” In addition, we have established “Advanced Technology Laboratory” whose mission is to search for and plan next-generation R&D themes in a liberal way of thinking, free from trends in existing business fields and facing industries.

Through these measures, we will create a culture of technology-based corporate development represented by the key words “deepening (strengthening and handling down),” “fusion,” and “introduction.”

To realize the concept of “The TOP 2021,” we will establish a complex “Stage for Fusion” which will accelerate deepening, fusion and introduction of technologies inside and outside the company. “Stage for Fusion” will be built at an adjacent area of Yokohama Plant, and will come into service in 2022.

By strengthening our R&D activities, we will act to create products and services that touch the heart, and will act to offer solutions that make society better.

Managing Corporate Officers & CTO
Jun Tanaka

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