Protection of intellectual property

The business strategy, R&D strategy,
and intellectual property strategy
are indivisibly linked with each
other, making it necessary for the
divisions and R&D departments to
have interactive and close

Showa Denko regards the intellectual property strategy as one of its crucial management strategies and is building and implementing it along with the business strategy and R&D strategy as a trinity. We are eternally committed to establishing a strong and wide-ranging patent network for our major businesses and the development of important products to ensure our competitiveness.

Acquisition of intellectual property rights and establishment of patent networks

■ Trend of patent application ratio in Japan and abroad Trend of patent application ratio in Japan and abroad*According to our research

As the majority of Showa Denko's businesses are operated globally, we aggressively apply for patents in foreign countries with the aim of supporting those businesses from the intellectual property side.

The chart is a composition of data shown in "Japan Patent Office Annual Report 2016" and SDK's own data on the number of applications for patents. It illustrates that the Showa Denko's global application ratios were about 10% higher than those by all applicants.

In Our Code of Conduct and Its Practical Guide, we uphold “Respect for other parties’ intellectual property rights” as one of our rules. To this end, we built a patent monitoring system to keep track of trends in the intellectual property rights of others, including patents held outside Japan. Moreover, we are proactively working to protect our trade secrets and copyrights.

In-house awarding system to commend employee inventions

Ceremony held to commend
the internal inventors
ranked in the top three (2017)

When applying for and registering a patent as well as when using or licensing a patent, we pay compensation to the individual inventor in line with the predefined rules. In order to promote the filing of more valuable patent applications, we commend our top three employees in terms of number of patent applications filed in the previous year and also the top three employees in terms of the number of patents registered in the previous year. In 2016 we established the Patent Hall of Fame, and two employees, whose patent filings and inventions each totaled 300 or more, entered the Patent Hall of Fame.

TOPICSSDK Receives “2017 Top 100 Global Innovators” Award, 3 Years in a Row

We also make every effort to secure our superiority based on intellectual property rights, especially in the principal businesses and newly developed important products by establishing patent networks.

In recognition of these measures, Showa Denko was included in “The Clarivate Analytics 2017 Top 100 Global Innovators” as one of the companies and organizations leading global business. We have received this honor for three years in a row.

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