R&D Organization

Let us introduce our R&D management system.

Corporate R&D Department

Its mission is to make the entire R&D programs of the Company go smoothly. The Department will strengthen marketing function which is necessary for the development of new areas or surrounding areas of existing businesses. The Department will also make the best use of open innovation, aiming to create next generation businesses.

Institute for Integrated Product Development

Its mission is to create new values through integration of customers’ products, needs, and our core technologies. It is an R&D organization that manages development functions of 13 locations including Kawasaki, Tatsuno, and Isesaki. It will cooperate with Divisions and Plants, develop technologies to enhance values of existing businesses and products, and cultivate surrounding areas of them, which may grow further in the future.

Computational Science and Technology Information Center
Its main mission is to support the Company’s overall R&D activities through computational science and researches on technology information. Computational Science Group utilizes first-principles calculations and dynamics calculations, and supports analysis of mechanisms of catalytic reactions and formulation of guiding principles for designing materials. Technology Information Group supports R&D activities through researches on technical references and patents.
Analysis & Physical Properties Center
As a center that supports overall business development activities of the company, it conducts organic analysis, micro-inorganic analysis and structure analysis. It also accelerates and strengthens development of materials by utilizing state-of-the-art analyzers for cross-sectional use, and outside analysis entities including synchrotron radiation facilities.
Green Project
This project works on creation and expansion of new businesses that target dissemination of LED-based plant factories, through combination of Showa Denko Group’s various products and its proprietary high-speed plant cultivation technology “SHIGYOTM Method.”

Advanced Technology Laboratory

Its mission is to explore next-generation research themes and cutting-edge technologies.

Safety Evaluation Center

In order to maintain high-level safety of our products, this center watches product safety through tests conducted continuously from the development stage of each product, researches latest environment, health and safety regulations, and provides consultation about them. It also functions as an advisor on administrative works including GHS classification of products and SDS preparation. Thus, this center supports development of environment conscious products and businesses of the Company.

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