Advanced Battery Materials

  • Material Design Technologies
  • Synthetic Process Technologies
  • Manufacturing Process Technologies

Anode Material for Lithium Ion Secondary Batteries ~SCMG~

Product example

Lithium ion secondary battery negative-electrode material SCMG
(Structure Controlled Micro Graphite)

We provide a negative-electrode carbon material that suffers no degradation by charge-discharge cycles.


Our technologies

Fine particle treatment technology
Technology to control the particle size in accordance with various materials
Heat treatment technology

Our original technology developed for manufacturing graphite electrodes
Primary calcination technology with atmospheric control
Secondary calcination technology to control the carbon structure

Heat treatment facilities

Fine particles with carbon structure controlled

Carbon Coated Foil Technology


Current collector for Lithium ion & battery electric double-layer capacitor

high-conductivity carbon particles and binder coated on aluminum foil

Various patterns printable (Continuous coating, intermittent coating)

Significant reduction of the interface resistance between the active material layer and current collector

DC resistance of lithium-ion battery

Positive electrode: LFP
Negative electrode: SCMG
Separator: PP
Electrolyte: EC/EMC
Capacity: 100 mAh
Cell: Laminate-type


Our technologies

Gravure printing
Quoted from Showa Denko Packaging website

Material design technology
Optimum design of aluminum foil, carbon particle, and binder resin
⇒ Products that integrate metals, inorganics, and organics
Paint-making technology
Optimization of mixing and dispersion treatment of materials
⇒ Viscosity control, sedimentation prevention, measures to deal with coarse particles
Printing technology
Thin-film, uniform, and high-speed gravure printing technology
⇒ High quality, mass-production, cost competitive
Battery production/evaluation technology
Comprehensive evaluation of not only carbon coated foils but also batteries
⇒ resolution of technical issues

LiB Packaging Materials ~SPALF~

Showa Denko Packaging Co., Ltd.

Product example

Pouch LiB


Example of SPALF constituents

Development of Pouch LIB Application

Characteristics of SPALF

・Light weight
・Unrestricted product shape
・Good formability
・Insulation properties


Our technologies

Dry laminator/coater

Paint (Coating technology)
Thin film coating technology
Laminate (Lamination technology)
Lamination technology suitable for constituent materials
Create (Molding technology)
Die design technology to realize product shape
Adhesive evaluation technology suitable for product applications

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