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03 Hopes for natural energy

Converting the power of nature into energy.Our hope is genuine and pure all the way.

We produce semiconductor-processing high-purity gases, which are actively utilized in manufacturing of invisibly precision electronic circuits for solar cells that convert solar power into electric energy.
This is the essential way for Showa Denko in shaping its idea to produce clean energy from natural resources.

What are electronic specialty gases?

Electronic specialty gases are high-purity gases used during the processes to produce semiconductors, liquid crystal panels, LEDs, solar cells, and so on. Showa Denko manufactures over 20 kinds of high-purity gases, including ammonia, chlorine, and fluorine-containing gases.

Three strong points of Showa Denko's electronic specialty gases Three strong points of Showa Denko's electronic specialty gases

World's largest product lineup

Our lineup includes diverse solutions tailored to our customers'needs regarding various manufacturing processes and products.

Strong sales system in the East Asian market

We have established strong sales networks and manufacturing bases in the East Asian nations where both production and demand for semiconductors are on the rise.

Stable supply of high quality gases

With superior analytic capabilities, quality assurance systems, and container management systems, we provide stable supply of high-quality products.