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01 Possibilities of iron resources

Giving iron a new way of life.

Bridges, expressways, skyscrapers, and condominiums.
With a multitude of applications in the field of urban infrastructure, iron has high global demand.
However, every resource has its limit.
This is where our graphite electrodes comes into play.
Giving a new life to iron scrap through recycling;
This is how we embody shape the idea of providing giving resources unlimited possibilities.

What are graphite electrodes?

Graphite electrodes are components used as electrodes in electric furnaces to melt iron scrap and produce steel. Compared to the blast furnace method where steel is made from ironstone and coke, the advantages of electric furnace steelmaking are that it recycles steel, thus requiring less energy and emitting less CO2 during production.

Three strong points of Showa Denko's graphite electrodes Three strong points of Showa Denko's graphite electrodes

Worldwide production system

We have graphite electrode production bases in Japan, Europe, the US, China, and Southeast Asia, and have secured the top market share in the world.

World's largest size

We assist our customers enhance their productivity through our technology to produce 32 inch diameter electrodes.

Top-level quality

We produce and sell graphite electrodes with the world's smallest electrode wear ratio and highest breakage resistance.