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02 Memory toward the future

Future emerges on accumulated memories, surely.

Hoping to pass down every possible piece of precious memory to posterity,
Showa Denko succeeded in increasing the capacity of hard disks through development of unique technologies to further enhance the memory storage density of hard disk media.
This shapes the idea that accumulating memory leads to the formation of new knowledge wisdom.

What are hard disks?

Hard disks have a wide range of use in the field of digital data recording, including PCs and DVD recorders. Because of the increase in the amount of generated data due to the spread of cloud computing, shipment volumes of hard disks especially for data center use are expected to increase.

Three strong points of Showa Denko's hard disks Three strong points of Showa Denko's hard disks

World's top class technology

With its excellent technology to realize higher capacity, Showa Denko continues to succeed in mass-producing HD media with the world's largest storage capacity, one after another.

Large market share

As an independent HD media supplier, Showa Denko proudly holds the world's top class production capacity and sales share.

Seven bases worldwide

Showa Denko has HD manufacturing/development bases and customer support centers at seven bases worldwide.