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04 Solution for energy problems

Power-saving is important for the Earth as well as for individual households.

How to make efficient use of available energy is attracting increased attention in parallel with the development of natural energy. Next-generation power semiconductors, in which SiC epitaxial wafers developed by Showa Denko are used, are playing a central role in this trend.
We are shaping ideas for the solutions to energy problems through these wafers, which help minimize loss during power use.

What are SiC epitaxial wafers for power semiconductors

These wafers are used in next-generation power semiconductors. Compared with conventional silicon (Si)-based semiconductors, silicon carbide (SiC)-based power semiconductors have superior properties and contribute to the downsizing and higher efficiency of power modules.

Three strong points of Showa Denko's SiC epitaxial wafers Three strong points of Showa Denko's SiC epitaxial wafers

“High-Grade Epi” with a much lower defect density

This product increases the reliability of SiC-based devices and contributes to the practical use of SiC-based power modules and expansion of the market.

Lineup of four-inch and six-inch products

We mass-produce the world’s largest SiC epitaxial wafers, with a diameter of six inches.

Mass production ability

We have established the technology to mass-produce thick-film epitaxial wafers for high-voltage power semiconductors.