Business Segments

Introduction of businesses of the Group.

Semiconductor and Electronic Materials

The Semiconductor and Electronic Materials segment provides materials related to front-end and back-end processes of semiconductor manufacturing, SiC epitaxial wafers, which are next-generation power semiconductor materials, and hard disks.


The Mobility segment provides molded plastic rear door modules and plastic gears that contribute to vehicle weight reduction, lithium ion battery materials related to electrification, and thermal control components.

Innovation Enabling materials

The Innovation Enabling Materials segment provides a wide range of technologies and materials that support innovation and greater competitiveness in our various business categories, including ceramic products, functional chemicals, aluminum specialty components, and coating materials.


The Chemicals segment provides organic chemicals, basic chemicals, industrial gases, graphite electrodes, etc. with high competitiveness/high share in markets.


In this segment, we conduct the manufacture and sales of in vitro diagnostic kits, as well as development of manufacturing methods and contract manufacturing of regenerative medicine products*.

  • *Products that are manufactured by cultivation or other appropriate processing of human or animal cells to be used for the treatment and prevention of diseases