Electronics Materials Project

The Electronics Materials Project supplies materials for compound semiconductors and rare earth magnet alloys based on the world’s top-class technologies accumulated by Showa Denko in the field of organic, inorganic and metal materials.

With regard to compound semiconductor materials, the project supplies high-output LEDs including visible and infrared ray lights for lighting and sensing use in automobiles, medical equipments and industrial products. The project also supplies PD epitaxial wafers.

The project also produces high-quality rare earth magnet alloys to be used in small motors for electronic devices such as HD drives and in high-performance motors for hybrid cars and electric vehicles, the demand for which will rapidly expand in the future.


  • Showa Denko Photonics Co., Ltd.
    1505, Oaza Shimo Kagemori, Chichibu, SAITAMA
    TEL : 81-494-23-6112
    FAX : 81-494-24-7708
  • Shoko Electronics Co.,Ltd.
    1786-6 Tokushige, Ijuin-cho, Hioki, Kagosima
    TEL: 81-99-273-1111
    FAX: 81-99-273-0100

Operation ・ R&D Site

Major Product/Service

  • LED Materials : Epitaxial Wafers, LED Chips
  • Communication Device Materials : MOCVD Epitaxial Wafers

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