Electronics Materials Division

The Functional Electronic Materials Division supplies materials for compound semiconductors and rare earth magnet alloys based on the world’s top-class technologies accumulated by Showa Denko in the field of organic, inorganic and metal materials.

With regard to compound semiconductor materials, the division supplies high-output LEDs including ultraviolet and infrared ray lights for use in vegetable plant growing facilities, displays, sensors and other industrial products.

The division also produces high-quality rare earth magnet alloys to be used in small motors for electronic devices such as HD drives and in high-performance motors for hybrid cars and electric vehicles, the demand for which will rapidly expand in the future.

Divisions and Department

  • Marketing Department
    1-13-9, Shiba Daimon, Minato, Tokyo
    TEL : 81-3-5470-3293
    FAX : 81-3-3435-1034

Operation ・ R&D Site

Major Product/Service

  • LED Materials : Epitaxial Wafers, LED Chips
  • Communication Device Materials : MOCVD Epitaxial Wafers

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