Functional Chemicals Division

The Functional Chemicals Division consists of the Functional Polymers Department and the Specialty Chemicals Department.

The Functional Polymers Department provides various types of plastics and molding compounds for wide-ranging applications. The division is focusing on the development of environment-friendly products, including unsaturated polyester, resins for heat shield coating, adhesives that will not cause the sick building syndrome, and biodegradable plastic.

The Specialty Chemicals Department offers innovative and unique products, such as raw materials for cosmetics (stabilized vitamin C and others), functional monomers, hydrophilic polymers and HPLC columns.

Division and Departments

  • Functional Polymers Department
  • Specialty Chemicals Department
    Major Product/Service
    Functional monomers, UV curable acrylate monomer, A pharmaceutical(for external use)raw material, cosmetic raw material, Drug additives/Amino acid, HPLC columns, Sample pretreatment products

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