Device Solutions Division

The Device Solutions Division provides HD media and SiC epitaxial wafer for power devices based on its high development ability and by fusing the inorganic and organic technologies possessed by the company.

In HD business, we are fostering the continuous improvement of HD memory density and leading the industry by developing the products that meet the market needs for larger capacity in HD bussiness.
The division has seven bases in the world, including three in Japan, providing world-class high-quality products for use in computers, consumer electronics products (recorders, etc.) and also in the servers/data centers field, where demand is expected to grow due to the spread of cloud computing.

SiC-based power devices are attracting public attention because they are recognized as key devices for energy conservation. We supply SiC epitaxial-wafer for power devices with the best quality in the world.

Division and Departments

  • Marketing Department(HD)
    5-1, Yawata Kaigan, Ichihara, Chiba 290-0067
    TEL : 81-436-43-8611
    FAX : 81-436-41-3511
  • Marketing Department(SiC epitaxial wafer for power devices)
    1505, Oaza Shimo Kagemori, Chichibu, SAITAMA 369-1893
    TEL : 81-494-23-6127
    FAX : 81-494-25-0830

Operation ・ R&D Site

Major Product/Service

  • SiC epitaxial wafer for power devices
  • Aluminum based hard disks
  • Glass based hard disks
  • Aluminum substrates for hard disks

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