Petrochemicals Division

The Petrochemicals Division consists of the Olefins Department and the Organic Chemicals Department.

The Oita Complex is a main manufacturing base of the division and is equipped with a naphtha cracker. As its feature, the complex has a well-balanced demand structure. The basic materials manufactured by Showa Denko within the complex are supplied to the plants of plastics, synthetic rubber and styrene monomers, operated by other companies within the premises, as well as to the plant of acetyl derivatives operated by Showa Denko itself.

We are efficiently integrating new and old cracker equipment and diversifying materials ahead of competitors to enhance our competitiveness.

The Olefins Department provides basic petrochemical products, while the Organic Chemicals Department is expanding its business by using Showa Denko’s advanced catalyst technologies for acetyl and allyl alcohol derivatives.

Division and Departments

  • Olefins Department
    Major Product/Service
    Ethylene、Propylene、C4 fraction、Cracked Fuel Oil, etc
  • Organic Chemicals Department
    Major Product/Service
    Acetaldehyde、Acetic acid、Vinyl acetate、Ethyl acetate、Allyl alcohol、Allyl ester resin, etc

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