We can view emails and video and exchange information with people all over the world at any time and from any place. This has already become a common feature of both the workplace and the home.

Today's mobile environment is supported by lithium ion batteries, which can be recharged for repeated use. The more functions they offer, the more energy electronic devices use, but these days we have electronic devices with innumerable functions that are also highly portable, thanks to the use of small but high-capacity lithium ion batteries.


Lithium ion batteries are currently used in small electronic devices. In the future, the use of large lithium ion batteries will also be fostered for use in electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles. They will also be used in photovoltaic and wind power generation and as storage batteries for emergency power systems.

To help make the use of these batteries more widespread, Showa Denko is developing a range of lithium ion battery materials that are highly safe, reliable and will help increase the performance of lithium ion batteries around the world.