We have recently witnessed the emergence of restaurants serving salads composed of freshly harvested vegetables, something that is made possible thanks to the advance in technologies used for growing vegetables indoors. Technologies for developing indoor agriculture in a planned manner are now attracting considerable attention. The practical use of these technologies has been particularly fostered in Japan.

The term “plant growth facilities” where the growth of plants is planned and implemented in a continual manner. With the optimal provision of light, water, nutrients, CO2 and others factors necessary for growth,

the life cycle of the plants is controlled without being constrained by the limiting effects of weather or geographical location.

Even crops that are not suited to local climates can be grown indoors in plant growth facilities. These facilities are also helping areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake to recover from the damage.

Showa Denko is developing technologies related to light, which is a key component in the growth of plants. Specifically, the company has developed an LED element that is several times brighter than conventional LED elements. This ultrabright LED has the optimal wavelength for photosynthesis and thus contributes to the efficient growth of plants. We are steadily making progress toward the practical use and the sophistication of plant by developing cultivation shelves and establishing high-speed cultivation methods through cooperation with industry and academic partners, making combined use of a range of technologies possessed by the Showa Denko Group.